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I recently went to the doctors for my routine yearly check up and I was surprised at how much weight I had gained in the past year. I gained about 15 pounds and I am not happy about it. My doctor wasn't to happy with it either because of the weight related health issues that run in my family. My doctor very kindly suggested that I should loose some weight in order to keep those complications at bay. He suggested that I should think about seeing a nutritionist and perhaps go on a diet plan for help with this.

However dieting is one thing that I have always hated. I have tried to diet in the past and it never goes well. I always end up binge eating some food I wasn't allowed to have. I also like to think that life is too short not to eat what ever you want. But I want to do something to help me loose a little weight. I came across this app called "MyFitnessPal" when search for weight loss tools.

Here's a video on how it works from their official Youtube page.

What this app does, is help you with your health goals by looking at your calorie intake. One of the great things about this app is that its for weight loss or weight gain, which ever your journey is. Another thing that I like about this app is that you can still eat what you like, as long as you don't go over the calories suggested for you to have. How they calculate this number of calories is by your current weight and your current weight loss/gain goals. In this app you can also enter in your exercise for the day and it counts your daily steps as exercise. This tool has been great because it really makes you look at what you put in your body. After a while you begin to make better choices in the foods you eat.

I like this alternative to dieting because I can still eat the things that I want and loose weight. I have been doing it for a couple weeks now and have already lost 2 pounds. If you are having trouble with this app, there are tons of Youtube videos and Pinterest posts to help you with recipes and exercise tips. Just search myfitnesspal and there will copious amounts of posts.

What are some tools you have used to loose weight? Would you consider doing this? Let me know below.



  1. MyFitnessPal is great! Although, if you’re trying to lose weight, you should try more than just counting calories. You should also pay attention to the contents of what you are eating

  2. Dieting is not a good way of becoming healthy...being active is. For a reality check I myself use Fitbit. It's helpful in helping me meet my health goals.

    1. Yes! Good my friend! Visit here for some different stuff

  3. This is an awesome idea! I've been needing to eat better and workout more but am terrible at self-discipline (is there an app for that haha). That said, I think using the app you recommended will go a long ways in helping me eat better. Thank you for the advice!

  4. I too use this app and have found it very useful indeed. Helps me track better than apple health!

  5. I so agree with you on the dieting part, I always shy away from it because I know it is not a permanent fix, a good exercise routine can get better longer results.

  6. My Fitness Pal is awesome! Another one I like is Calorie count because it tells you the percentages for all of your needed nutrients :)

  7. yup,dieting is not a good options but a regular exercise or yoga can gave you better result!!


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