It's Been a Minute

I have been a very bad blogger the past two weeks, but there is a good reason why. If you scroll down to my previous posts, you may see some posst about my recent experience with unemployment. Well I am happy to say that I am no longer living the unemployed life (woo hoo). I was really excited to start my opportunity and I wanted to focus on getting settled. My job seems to have created a new obstacle for me though. 

Time management is always something that we constantly have to adjust as changes come into our life. This is something that I am currently trying to get a handle on at the moment. I am trying to be a good worker, daughter, girlfriend, blogger and crafter; but it can hard to manage all of that. I just started my job so I can't expect it to be perfect right away, but I am working on balancing everything that I want to do.Today, I just want to share how I am beginning to balance everything. 

For one I am beginning to plan more. I always liked the idea of planners but to be honest I was never quite busy enough to have one. Now that I actually have a life and things that I like to do, I found necessary to have one. I would would to have one of those pretty planner books, but with my commute its just not going to happen. So I have opted just to keep my schedule on my phone, so I can have it with me and its easy to access anywhere.

Secondly I have scaled down my projects and hobbies. When I wasn't working I had copious amount of time to spend making jewelry and crocheting the day away. That is not an option for me anymore so I have scaled back a bit. I have planned to work on one crochet project (a blanket for my great-aunt) and some DIY stud earrings. I spread these out day by day, spending a few minutes to an hour working on them.  This way I still get to work on the things that make me happy and not sacrifice so much time.

Another way I seem to be making the best of my time is to include my loved ones in my activities. This means when I doing other scheduled things I try to include my family and boyfriend as much as possible. This mean going shopping with my mom on the weekend and crocheting with my boyfriend as he tells me about his day.

I don't have it to a perfect science yet, but it is working for now. What are your time management tips? Do you struggle with your work/life balance? Let me know below! 



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