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It's Been a Minute

I have been a very bad blogger the past two weeks, but there is a good reason why. If you scroll down to my previous posts, you may see some posst about my recent experience with unemployment. Well I am happy to say that I am no longer living the unemployed life (woo hoo). I was really excited to start my opportunity and I wanted to focus on getting settled. My job seems to have created a new obstacle for me though. 
Time management is always something that we constantly have to adjust as changes come into our life. This is something that I am currently trying to get a handle on at the moment. I am trying to be a good worker, daughter, girlfriend, blogger and crafter; but it can hard to manage all of that. I just started my job so I can't expect it to be perfect right away, but I am working on balancing everything that I want to do.Today, I just want to share how I am beginning to balance everything. 
For one I am beginning to plan more. I always liked the idea of planners but to…

MyFitnessPal Journey

I recently went to the doctors for my routine yearly check up and I was surprised at how much weight I had gained in the past year. I gained about 15 pounds and I am not happy about it. My doctor wasn't to happy with it either because of the weight related health issues that run in my family. My doctor very kindly suggested that I should loose some weight in order to keep those complications at bay. He suggested that I should think about seeing a nutritionist and perhaps go on a diet plan for help with this.

However dieting is one thing that I have always hated. I have tried to diet in the past and it never goes well. I always end up binge eating some food I wasn't allowed to have. I also like to think that life is too short not to eat what ever you want. But I want to do something to help me loose a little weight. I came across this app called "MyFitnessPal" when search for weight loss tools.

Here's a video on how it works from their official Youtube page.

What …