The Perils of Job Searching

Okay so everyone knows that job hunting is an annoying but necessary process. However I feel like over the past couple weeks it has hit a fever pitch. It is not that jobs are not out there, they are. Its just that the means of getting to that job can be the most arduous processes you have ever come by. Lets talk about how you are asked to upload your resume/cv on one page and then on the very next page they want you to type in your entire resume again. What the hell kind of sense does that make? I am also shocked at the lack of professionalism that some companies have as well. One company emailed me that they were interested in interviewing. Then about a couple hours later replied to my email saying, "never mind your not a good fit for us". I'm not kidding this was an actually (grammatically incorrect) email that was sent to me.

I can't lie, not only this process annoying but it can be very spirit crushing too. We all need job to make a living and provide for ourselves and others. Additionally, for many people looking for a new position provides them with pride and purpose. This process of let downs and overall unprofessionalism can really hurt your moral. Lately I have been doubting myself and my abilities and slipping into the "am I good enough" mind frame. Its hard not to fall into that when every place is viewing your resume and looking right past it.

I write all of this to say that yeah applying for a job is really really annoying sometimes (well most of the time), and that the process can be discouraging. However you can't let it get you down. There is some position somewhere that will be a great fit and everything we are looking for. We just have to believe in ourselves and put our best foot forward. One day our job will come.



  1. Yeah, it´s precisely like you writes ... It´s so hard to find a decent job nowadays ._.

    Blog de la Licorne

  2. It can be such a time-consuming and soul-destroying task job hunting. I think the jobs that require a full application rather than CV cover letter and supporting statement are the worst.

  3. Oh boy I can totally relate. I'm currently on the job search my self. It's easy to fall into that self doubt mind set but keep your head up. It's difficult but the time will come for the right job at the right time.

    1. Good Luck with your search! We will find something soon.

  4. agreed 110%... it's just the sad reality we live in... :(


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