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As mentioned in a previous post I am obsessed with jewelry. It has been something that I become really passionate about. From collecting to making my own pieces, it has really becoming my newest hobby.I have always been on the crafty side and one day while walking around in the city (New York City), I stumbled upon a magical place (a.k.a the bead store)! I went inside a was mesmerized by all the strands of beads and cabochons and findings. That's when it hit me; I can make my own accessories. since then I have been hooked and my hobby has morphed into a full on obsession!

Right now I have been focused on making bracelets and earrings, since these are my favorite pieces to wear daily. I plan to expand to necklaces soon though. I love working will all different kinds of beads natural and man-made. I am constantly looking for new beads and new techniques I can try. Below are some post from my Instagram page that I made to display some of the pieces that I have made. Maybe some time in the future i will make pieces that I can sell maybe on or websites like it, For right now I'm just happy to make pieces I love and enjoy shopping for new materials. Take a peek at some of the picture below.
These are what the bead look like when I buy them in strands. I love using gemstone bead the most.

These are two rose earrings I made with findings I found at my local bead store. 

A matching silver and Rhodilite garnet earring and bracelet set. 

If you want to check out my Instagram for more you can visit it here: Kayla Jewelry Insta.

What are some of your hobbies? Let me know if you set up a page where you display your work I would love to check it out. 



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