International Day of the Girl

October 11th is the international day of the girl and it has been that was since 2012 thanks to the United Nations. They describe it as "the day to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights." (United Nations)

This had me thinking about what I am doing, as a women to aid in this. I am extremely fortunate to live in the circumstances that I am. There are girls all over the world and even in my home country (the United States) that fall victim to crimes against women. I am going to be honest I had no idea that this day even existed but I am glad I learned about it today. It can be hard to figure our how you want to do your part,  and it was no different for me. I took to the internet to find some organizations that focus on the development, empowerment, and support of women and young girls. I created a list of three organizations that I like and I donated what I could to help their efforts. Just getting involved this way can hopefully blossom into more direct ways to help. My list is below:

Girls Write Now Inc. 
You can check out their story above. Who doesn't love a mentor-ship program? I can remember growing up wishing I had a mentor who could help guide me in a path that I was interested in. Not only do they young women get to build lasting relationships, but they also get to foster their passions and develop personally and professionally. I strongly believe that opening doors to someone can really make a lasting impact. Learn more about them here.

Girls Inc. 

Watch Girls Inc. video about to learn more about them above. This organization has programs all across the US and Canada that work to build girls up into their best selves. I love that they have centers in communities that can help young girls build relationships with one another and work together to build each other up. They create a safe space for those who would not have one, and provide them with skills and memories that will last a life time. To get involved with Girls Inc. by clicking here
Check out's video above to learn about their beginnings. Unlike the other two organizations about this organization works globally to stress the importance of basic human rights for in young girls and women. They focus of making better opportunities and improving the health and well being of women all over the world. On their website you can see a map of the world what they are doing to doing to help in each region they are located. To learn more about click here.

I really like these organizations and what they are doing for girls and women. Now that I know I know about this day I can plan for next year and learn how I can become more involved for the future.

Are there any organizations that you support? Let me know below. 


  1. Wow cool! very Empowering. Had no idea

  2. About time someone wrote this on a blog. This day needz more visibility I guess!

  3. I love this I had heard about it but not in depth. good word writing about it


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