Halloween Costume Predictions

Photo by artist Gregbo Watson
So this weekend is Halloween weekend and I want to compile a list of all the costumes I think are going to be popular this year. Last year it was all about Harley Quinn and Day of the dead skeletons as well as characters like the Joker and Batman. Every year there are the same costumes you can always expect like sexy animals and witches and vampires. Those are just some Halloween staples that will always be there. This year I am predicting that the ones on my list are going to be very popular and you will see them everywhere.

1) Pennywise the clown is going to be EVERYWHERE trying to scare everyone. Last year was Harley quin this year is Pennywise. This character is a dream for all creepy kids and adults. With the movie reboot only making this character even more popular you will see him all over the place. If you don't spot a Pennywise, you may also find a red balloon over a sewage drain somewhere. 

2) Wonder Women is going to be popular his year due to here amazing movie debut. I'm not going to lie, I really liked the movie and her costume design for the movie got an upgrade so its a new take on this super hero. Expect to past by at least one while trick or treating. 

3) The two main characters from the Adult Swim show Rick and Morty are also going to be very popular. If you haven't seen it it, it's an adult TV cartoon that follows Rick Sanchez a genius scientist who takes his grandson Morty on all types of sci-fi adventures. This show has become a phenomenon and while at Comic Con this year, they were everywhere!

4) Donald Trump is going to be a popular costume whether you support him or not. While shopping at Halloween stores this year he was EVERYWHERE. Every single Halloween store I went in had a Trump costume. As if you didn't get enough of him on the news everyday.

5) Hocus Pocus costumes are going to round out my list of popular costumes. This one has been looming for the pat couple of years. The resurgence of this classic Halloween movie has finally made it all the way to the mainstream. This year was the first year I actually saw Hocus Pocus costumes in Halloween stores. This one is going to be a big one this year.

These are my predictions. Let me know in the comments below what you are going to be for Halloween.



  1. Good calls here. I think there may be some stranger things and Game of Thrones costumes too :)

  2. Loved your ideas. I too agree that Trump is going to be an USP what with him being on telly everyday!

  3. I suspect you are completely right! It has been years since I last dressed up for Halloween. But I always enjoy seeing all the people in costume.

  4. pennywise for suuuuuuuure!
    and wonderwoman... I think Game of Thrones characters as well.. That's what is most "in" these days.

  5. Haha yes Donald Trump is the scariest of them all! I would love to look like a secy Pennywise though...if you can even be sexy and looking like that?😂🙏

  6. I loved Hocus Pocus when I was a kid and now my kids love it. My oldest son and his girl friend are going as Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. My daughter and two of her friend are going as the Power Puff Girls. We are rocking some Y2K cartoon heroes this year.

  7. We're gonna anticipate many Trump costume during halloween this year, believe me he's as scary as Pennywise the clown if not scarier :))

  8. I'd love a Pennywise costume!! I still need to see the movie by the way. Good calls!! :-D

  9. They all seem spot on. Know several going as Pennywise.

  10. Personally like wonder woman costume. But this year may be most popular will be Trump & Games of Thrones!!! Love all your listed Hallowen Costumes!!!


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