Comic Con NYC 2017

This Friday was my first time at "the con" and I had a blast. This is the time of year where Comic book, movie, and video game enthusiasts convene at the Javits Center in NYC. I was never too interested in going to Comic Con before I met my boyfriend but he loves comic books and everything Comic con so it was my girlfriend duty to accompany him.  We decided to cosplay at the Redhood a DC comic anti-hero. It was so much fun getting our components for our costumes and dressing up. I had no idea that getting your costumes right and accurate to the character was so important but I learned very quickly. 
Mr. and Mrs. Redhood.
If I am being completely honest, I really did not expect to have as much fun as I did. I am really glad I went because it really was a lot of fun. Seeing everyone in cool cosplay and taking in all the excitement was a real treat. With all that being said going to your first con can be really overwhelming. I have compiled some tips that you may find useful if you will be going to NYC Comic Con.

1. Have a Game Plan - There is so much happening at this convention and there are even events that happen off site, at different venues outside of the Javits Center. You may want to see panels, get autographs, and visit your favorite artist, and that's a lot for one day. Have a plan and set up a schedule for yourself, so you can do everything you want to do. 
Kawaii pose at the Sanrio both #1 on my list
2. Pack your Patience- There were tons of people at this convention and there will be a lot of stopping short, bumping, and crowds. Just remember that everyone is just as excited and maybe overwhelmed as you are, stay calm and be polite. If you bump into someone no big deal, just apologize and move on. 

3.Wear Comfortable Shoes - you will be doing so much walking whether you stay at the Javits Center or venture out. Your feet will be killing you if you don't wear comfy foot wear. If comfy shoes are not a part of you cosplay just carry them with you, I promise you won’t regret it. 
Maleficent cosplayer feat. my comfy shoe change.

4. Have Fun - I know tip #1 is to make a plan but don't forget to have some fun and let loose. In fact you should plan for some fun time where all you do is walk around and take funny pictures and meet some new people.

Found my Redhood Sister!

My boyfriend found his twin too!

If you keep these few tips in mind there is no doubt you will have a good time. Everyone was really nice and you really feel like you are part of the community whether you are new to the convention or you are a seasoned enthusiast. I would recommend it to anyone!

Have you ever been to Comic Con? Would you like to? Let me know in the comments below.


  1. I think my friend goes here, he is he Sikh Captain America

  2. Looks like a lot of fun. Very nice post

  3. With nice planning, you will have fun.


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