It's Been a Minute

I have been a very bad blogger the past two weeks, but there is a good reason why. If you scroll down to my previous posts, you may see some posst about my recent experience with unemployment. Well I am happy to say that I am no longer living the unemployed life (woo hoo). I was really excited to start my opportunity and I wanted to focus on getting settled. My job seems to have created a new obstacle for me though. 
Time management is always something that we constantly have to adjust as changes come into our life. This is something that I am currently trying to get a handle on at the moment. I am trying to be a good worker, daughter, girlfriend, blogger and crafter; but it can hard to manage all of that. I just started my job so I can't expect it to be perfect right away, but I am working on balancing everything that I want to do.Today, I just want to share how I am beginning to balance everything. 
For one I am beginning to plan more. I always liked the idea of planners but to…

MyFitnessPal Journey

I recently went to the doctors for my routine yearly check up and I was surprised at how much weight I had gained in the past year. I gained about 15 pounds and I am not happy about it. My doctor wasn't to happy with it either because of the weight related health issues that run in my family. My doctor very kindly suggested that I should loose some weight in order to keep those complications at bay. He suggested that I should think about seeing a nutritionist and perhaps go on a diet plan for help with this.

However dieting is one thing that I have always hated. I have tried to diet in the past and it never goes well. I always end up binge eating some food I wasn't allowed to have. I also like to think that life is too short not to eat what ever you want. But I want to do something to help me loose a little weight. I came across this app called "MyFitnessPal" when search for weight loss tools.

Here's a video on how it works from their official Youtube page.

What …

Halloween Costume Predictions

So this weekend is Halloween weekend and I want to compile a list of all the costumes I think are going to be popular this year. Last year it was all about Harley Quinn and Day of the dead skeletons as well as characters like the Joker and Batman. Every year there are the same costumes you can always expect like sexy animals and witches and vampires. Those are just some Halloween staples that will always be there. This year I am predicting that the ones on my list are going to be very popular and you will see them everywhere.
1) Pennywise the clown is going to be EVERYWHERE trying to scare everyone. Last year was Harley quin this year is Pennywise. This character is a dream for all creepy kids and adults. With the movie reboot only making this character even more popular you will see him all over the place. If you don't spot a Pennywise, you may also find a red balloon over a sewage drain somewhere. 

2) Wonder Women is going to be popular his year due to here amazing movie debut.…

The Perils of Job Searching

Okay so everyone knows that job hunting is an annoying but necessary process. However I feel like over the past couple weeks it has hit a fever pitch. It is not that jobs are not out there, they are. Its just that the means of getting to that job can be the most arduous processes you have ever come by. Lets talk about how you are asked to upload your resume/cv on one page and then on the very next page they want you to type in your entire resume again. What the hell kind of sense does that make? I am also shocked at the lack of professionalism that some companies have as well. One company emailed me that they were interested in interviewing. Then about a couple hours later replied to my email saying, "never mind your not a good fit for us". I'm not kidding this was an actually (grammatically incorrect) email that was sent to me.

I can't lie, not only this process annoying but it can be very spirit crushing too. We all need job to make a living and provide for oursel…

International Day of the Girl

October 11th is the international day of the girl and it has been that was since 2012 thanks to the United Nations. They describe it as "the day to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while promoting girls' empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights." (United Nations)

This had me thinking about what I am doing, as a women to aid in this. I am extremely fortunate to live in the circumstances that I am. There are girls all over the world and even in my home country (the United States) that fall victim to crimes against women. I am going to be honest I had no idea that this day even existed but I am glad I learned about it today. It can be hard to figure our how you want to do your part,  and it was no different for me. I took to the internet to find some organizations that focus on the development, empowerment, and support of women and young girls. I created a list of three organizations that I like and I donated what I could to help their …

Comic Con NYC 2017

This Friday was my first time at "the con" and I had a blast. This is the time of year where Comic book, movie, and video game enthusiasts convene at the Javits Center in NYC. I was never too interested in going to Comic Con before I met my boyfriend but he loves comic books and everything Comic con so it was my girlfriend duty to accompany him.  We decided to cosplay at the Redhood a DC comic anti-hero. It was so much fun getting our components for our costumes and dressing up. I had no idea that getting your costumes right and accurate to the character was so important but I learned very quickly.  If I am being completely honest, I really did not expect to have as much fun as I did. I am really glad I went because it really was a lot of fun. Seeing everyone in cool cosplay and taking in all the excitement was a real treat. With all that being said going to your first con can be really overwhelming. I have compiled some tips that you may find useful if you will be going to N…

Made by Kay

As mentioned in a previous post I am obsessed with jewelry. It has been something that I become really passionate about. From collecting to making my own pieces, it has really becoming my newest hobby.I have always been on the crafty side and one day while walking around in the city (New York City), I stumbled upon a magical place (a.k.a the bead store)! I went inside a was mesmerized by all the strands of beads and cabochons and findings. That's when it hit me; I can make my own accessories. since then I have been hooked and my hobby has morphed into a full on obsession!

Right now I have been focused on making bracelets and earrings, since these are my favorite pieces to wear daily. I plan to expand to necklaces soon though. I love working will all different kinds of beads natural and man-made. I am constantly looking for new beads and new techniques I can try. Below are some post from my Instagram page that I made to display some of the pieces that I have made. Maybe some time …